Aps and Rapps

Corneo has large pets that sometimes travel around with him. One of them lives in a sewer. How does any of this work? Does he throw raw meat down the trapdoor? Did some poor underling have to tie Aps up down there? Does he care for them himself? Is Don Corneo a mirror to Rufus Shinra, training his pets as Rufus trains Dark Nation? Do many people in this world have a monster pet? Is it pokemon?

Thoughts welcome. :)


I think we know what happens to his “brides” when he’s finished with them.

I once wrote a fic with a “monster market” in Wall Market where people with money to burn could buy defanged, declawed, de-poisoned-sac’ed or whatever pets for themselves and their kids. I was particularly imagining the wealthy plateside primary school girls having a mad pash on gighees

Very rare, very expensive, everbody else has one, Daddy, why can’t I?
They’re untameable. Separated from their Christophers, gighee live short miserable lives in captivity and soon die, but not before their little girl owners have lost interest in them.


Dark, I like it! (Though if they were the Don’s ex-brides, I wonder how he’d get access to the quantity of mako needed to transform them… Well probably lots of waste sludge in Midgar. Meanwhile there Shinra are, spending mad gil to make little pods in the Nibelheim reactor, turns out you get better results if you just chuck someone down a Midgar alley)

I still can’t get over gighee being in the game at all. A frankenbowiehorse with a guitar for a tail. I have no memory of fighting it, so the first time I remember seeing it was on the wiki, with all the info in one place… That was an experience.


Ha ha no I meant he feeds Apps on his ex-brides!

(Of the many annoying things in the Remake, one that really stands out (I can’t say it is THE most annoying thing because my opinion keeps changing) is Leslie’s backstory. He and his girlfriend (from the Turks sidenovel, I think her name is Marle or Marla) love each other dearly, yet for some reason she has to become Corneo’s bride; this is never explained. Then she vanishes. He, Corno’s number one henchman, is completely passive through this entire event, and Corneo, the criminal mastermind of Wall Market, never thinks that maybe it’s a bad idea to fuck, marry and kill the beloved woman of his right hand man. In a game that has some really stupid back stories, this one’s the stupidest. Anyway whatshername obviously doesn’t die since she reappears post Meteor. I like to think she joined the Sahagin tribe living in the sewers and became their queen)

Maybe I should make a special thread for things that annoyed me about the Remake? There are so many!!


Actually I think I’m going to write a fanfic about it


Oh haha as misunderstandings go this is one of my faves! My brain took the long route.

I could understand that Leslie thing if it were an intentional ‘know your place’ sort of move and the Don was known for mindgames, but sounds like they didn’t give it that much thought…

I was gonna say go for it; I can’t bring myself to play it. Love hearing about the stupider details second-hand, though, so will happily grab the popcorn.


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