Crisis Core Music

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Mixed feelings on CC music from me. I get it stuck in my head quite often, and it goes with the setting, but on the whole I don’t like it enough to listen to on its own; too samey. I (perhaps cynically) think they set out to make the music simple stuff that Zack’s fans could easily cover on a guitar. So we get that one chord progression everywhere (iirc Em C D G ? I may check later. Defo those chords but may be misremembering order… (Edit: it’s Em C G D)), along with a coupla very simple tunes that also get used everywhere, and there’s not really enough to it all to form a full soundtrack. BUT there is something appealing about strumming the chords absentmindedly.

I think this has the chords I mean, plus a variation on one of the tunes it uses all over the place:

And the other tune is that menu screen one:

I did like the CC version of One Winged Angel. I don’t like the original One Winged Angel so that was unexpected.

(Also, hm, it’s oddly hard to find tracks on YouTube. I think some kind of copyright beast has been eating videos. I’ve had those tracks saved locally for over a decade so feels like they’re a bit late there…)