Your faves… Or fic you’d like to see!

Reno/Cissnei, because two redheads should obviously be together!
Totally swimming against the fandom tide here, I’ve just never seen Reno as gay. Opportunistically bi, maybe.

I’ve always liked Reno/Aeris! Keep meaning to write that fic sometime…

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Oh yes, Reno/Aeris is a guilty pleasure. I’ve read some really good ones.

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Oh, cool! I think I went looking once and couldn’t find any I liked, but I think I was looking for some specific trope at the time, so am curious what you’d rec… do we have a ficrecs thread yet? xD

EDIT: Also I now really want to see some Reeve/Scarlet.

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Was curious about what Ifalna/Vincent fic was out there… May have discovered a rarepair with 0 fics??? Tbf haven’t checked ffnet yet.