Tseng's bathroom

(I realise I have made an odd ratio of bathroom-to-non-bathroom posts; I promise this is a weird coincidence and not a preoccupation of mine!)

A thread for things Tseng might consider for his bathroom. Maybe over time it’ll extend into Tseng’s dreamhouse.

Inspired by stumbling across the sink I reckoned he’d be into ages ago in my downloads folder. Tried to find it online to link. Didn’t find that exact one, but instead stumbled across…

(from this website: ᐈ 【Aquatica Nanomorph-Blck Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink】 Buy Online, Best Prices . Now if you ask me, that looks like a sink with sufficient shades of grey to offer a soft sense of reassurance for a contract killer. Also I like their odd shower-themed loading animation.)

It’s perfect. I don’t understand the functionality of having it slope higher on one side, but that doesn’t matter right now. I wonder what it’s made from?

My first thought was ‘it’s higher at the heel so he can wear it as a slipper and clomp around in it, clomp clomp clomp’, which perhaps doesn’t make much sense.