What would you like to see FF7 crossed over with? Or seen one you like recently?

For some unknown-to-me reason, I keep musing on an FF7-Alien crossover, where Vincent’s unfortunate OC kid cousin is stuck on the Sevastopol. FF7 already has a villainous alien! I don’t even think it would work as a story, there’s just something so comically bad about the situation that it appeals.

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Long ago when I was still watching Dr Who I started writing a Dr Who/FFVII crossover. The Doctor is whizzing through the universe in the Tardis with either Donna or Martha (my two favourites) and they decide to stop to watch a planet die. Suddenly the Doctor gets a reading of a still-warm lifeform moving on the surface of this planet that’s about to self-implode, so he and the sidekick head down and rescue Vincent Valentine, who tells them his sad story. Now obviously the sticky situation Shinra got the planet into is absolutely the kind of mess the Doctor loves solving, so he/she takes the Tardis back in time and makes everybody (eventually) see sense. Plenty of opportunities for using the sonic screwdriver! I am not a huge Dr Who nerd so i don’t know if she/he has ever had to deal with a Planet that’s actually alive and semi-sentient, but it would be interesting to eavesdrop on the Doctor trying to reason with Sephiroth and Jenova.

I was trying to write it as serious drama but clearly it can only be a farce. Because I’d picked the wrong tone and style, I kept getting bogged down, and then I grew bored and abandoned it.

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That does sound hard to sustain as a serious fic! I could see it being easier if kept to a few thousand words, but I’m just picturing Sephiroth there like ‘this is my mum’ and the Doctor like ‘no it isn’t, don’t be silly’.