Does Cait Sith eat?

Does he? If so, what?

For some reason I had the urge to title this thread ‘Does Cait Sith eat grass?’. I don’t think he does eat grass. I think he probably can’t digest that and I doubt it would serve much purpose.

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He’s a robot so he wouldn’t eat, would he? He’s powered by electricity, I presume. He’s probably got quite a long-life battery but still needs to plug himself in and recharge from time to time. He calls it “sleeping”.

I guess I was picturing the combo of Cait and his moogle, which I gather he magically brought to life (I like how that is never addressed). But maybe Cait himself has got some biomatter in between the electronic components… hmm…

I bet he likes cat grass.

But yeah, it’s interesting to mess around with how many human/robot/cat qualities he has. If he eats cat grass, does he also terrorize the office plants?

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Reeve would program it in, thinking it was hilarious, see the effects, “oh no”, sheepishly try to fix, be reassured to learn that the plants were plastic all along because nothing grows in Midgar, then one night at 3am belatedly realise that that wasn’t reassuring.

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