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I’m generally uninterested in the remake and compilation and prefer to ignore them when writing. The FF7 fandom wiki is frustrating for writers like me because it lumps everything in together, so when I want to check a detail I have to scroll through a lot of stuff that isn’t relevant to me and which may sometimes obscure or replace the info I’m looking for. So, every so often, I wonder about starting an OG wiki-- either spinning up a mediawiki instance, or making something via fandom.com . Would it be worth it? The pages for game mechanics are fine, and if it’s just for me, it’s probably easier to put notes in a document for the specific details I have to check, because I find mediawiki formatting annoying. But maybe others would get value out of this. Or maybe it already exists? Currently I just use an OG script most of the time…

There is this

It’s so easily editable that I don’t even have to log in to edit; my edits are shown under my IP address. I don’t know who is currently in charge of it, if anyone.
Maybe we could adopt it?

Ah that’s the one I have a problem with, unfortunately; I think it’s part of a bigger ‘finalfantasy’ wiki and so once you click on a character name or location, you get all the OG-plus-compilation-plus-remake stuff smushed together. Sometimes it’s in different sections but I haven’t found that consistent. Like if I click on ‘Barret’, I get a page with his picture from remake, a three-paragraph summary of his role in OG, followed by something that I assume is Before Crisis since it involves him helping some Turks sneak into a reactor, then something from remake again, then a section titled ‘original continuity’ but which contains stuff from ‘on the way to a smile’ because they’re using ‘original’ to mean ‘not remake’. Whereas what I’d like would be info about OG, assets from OG, and a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ talking about the development of the character from whatever official sources were around at the time the game came out or very shortly after. Because for me they’re just different fictional worlds and I’m interested in one and not the other. xD They may as well be sudden interludes about Morrowind or something. I’m like ‘wtf I wanted the other game!’

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I see what you mean. I think I usually use a different wiki, one with a darker background. I am pretty sure that if we looked around we could probably find an orphaned OG wiki waiting to be adopted. Building one entirely from scratch would be a huge undertaking.

Yeah, I think there’s no case where I’d be building it entirely since there are huge sections that would be intentionally left out, since that fandom one does the job for some things, but it may still be too much. Hmm… I’m also thinking it’d be nice if a wiki could serve everyone the same base text but could be toggled to display additional worldbuilding for different authors, so they could track their own worldbuilding on top. Now that would be a tough project! Kind of interested in the question of HOW to do that but I wouldn’t want to have to maintain something like that. :D

(Edit: I think the obvious option would be ikiwiki. Which is arguably great from a maintenance pov because nobody would ever use it anyway.)


I really like that idea. I have alway enjoyed cherry-picking - with permission! - the worldbuilding of fanfic writers I admire. Why invent a town from scratch when someone else has aready done that? You’re much more au courant with the relevant websites than I am. I’ll have a look at ikiwiki.

I was briefly confused by ikiwiki calling itself a wiki compiler. I thought at first that it meant it was a tool for compiling other wikis together. Now, if I’ve understood it correctly, I think it means it’s a took for making a wiki.

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Yeah, sorry, my head goes straight to the tech side! You’re right, it’s a tool for making a wiki. Most wikis out there are built with a tool called mediawiki, which is nicer for users imo. Where they’re different is how they handle versions of files, and I think the way ikiwiki does it means it could support something like my idea, while mediawiki wouldn’t. This is annoying to me because I much prefer mediawiki. XD It’s prettier and easier to use. Well, I’m not sure if this could even work yet. But now I want to find out out of curiosity. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think ikiwiki can do what I want. Someone suggested a technology called antora, that’s normally used for documentation. I can see how it would work, I’m just not sure if anyone would actually use it, because it’d involve making changes in a github repo with no preview. I think it’s going to sound too awkward for anyone to take it up. Another suggestion was page annotations,

I’m not sure how many of those work and/or preserve the pages’ relation to each other.

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