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What are you working on? Any projects underway? Or plotbunnies hopping around?

Well. My enduring interest in this fandom is the relationship between Tseng and Rufus (although if the Remake fleshes it out too much, I’ll probably lose interest. I like working in canon that leaves pllnty of room for invention) and I’m currently writing a fic about the two of them meeting as teenagers. My teenage Rufus has - unsurprisingly, I’d say - a lot of mental health issues. Recently my brain has been kicking around the idea of Rufus going transtrender for a while, mostly to annoy the hell out of his father, and insisting that everyone call him Vanessa.

:D I recently saw a fic that specified pronouns for Jenova, where the author suggested that Hojo’s behaviours were down to unresolved gender issues, so hey. I do sometimes enjoy an ongoing trans-Sephiroth headcanon mostly because I think the fascistic elements of the ideology would appeal to him; every so often I’ll see a tweet or blogpost that looks like he could have said it himself! And I’m relieved poor teen Vincent as I currently imagine him was born a few decades too early for all this; he has been spared the indignity of writing thousands of words on Medium about discovering he was nonbinary owing to being Not Like the Other Boys, and earnestly informing girls in his year that he thought he might also be a girl “on the inside”. I don’t think he’d get snared by the plastic surgeons but nobody deserves to suffer so much cringe.

Ah, I’m used to ignoring all things since OG so at this point they could probably have a three hour scene of Cloud banging every member of Administrative Research and I’d just be like “oh Square’s back on their bullshit. Now, in the real world where they dropped the plate and they don’t get on…”. I don’t think I can feel anything other than morbid curiosity any more.

Vincent must have kept a journal recording all his anguished navel gazing? Although I got the impression your teen Vincent had some serious real-life issues to deal with - child death and divorce tends to focus to mind. I also got the impression that he does pride himself on being Not Like Other Men (much more Sensitive and Unselfish) which is one of the things Tseng finds exasperating about him. But if your Vincent had had a chance to grow up he would have become a pretty decent human being, I think.

My teenaged Vincent wrote bad poetry and used his SUFFERING SOUL to get girls to sleep with him.

Oh sure, but he missed this particular trend. And I think the draw for him with something like Medium is that he’d also view it as a place to create a writing portfolio for a potential future writing career. Since this is the shit in publications like vox, this is what he’d write.

Yeah, I picture him more as the type who, had he been born later, would have moved in circles where this would be impossible to avoid, so where nb would be the logical choice if you didn’t buy stereotypes. I could see him as also liking it because it would give him an explanation why/reassurance that he could never be like his dad. I think his reasons for saying it would be very different to eg: a thirty year old man who says it to gain leverage in a community, but when looking back he’d see it as the same and cringe. But yeah it’d be more him having a bad explanatory mechanism for his dislike of dudes than a particular desire to have An Identity.

Mine defo also wrote bad poetry. I think he kept the stuff he was actually quite depressed or insecure about private, so it tended to focus on relatively minor inconveniences. But he did try to get that tortured poet aesthetic down, I think maybe more for his own sense of romance than anything.

EDIT: And yeah as much as I enjoy poking fun at him for his pride in being Not Like other Men, I did write him to be better than most. Most of my mockery toward Vincent is done with affection.

Working on a silly short thing I drafted earlier in the week, nearly ready to post… I was going to say more here but I guess it’s better if I just post it.


Starting my next big project today. No idea how long it’ll take. Expecting at least a couple of months. Should be lighter than the last one but my writing always turns dark.


Drafted a fic with a working title of ‘Scumbag Grimoire’. Unusually Compilation for me, but I started thinking about it a month ago and my brain returned to it today. Needs cleaning up but I think it already has more words than the thing I was supposed to be working on. xD

edit: now it’s like 7k words


Ended up reading a little about some Nobel-prizewinning 60s science experiments in biology. All very “Ethics departments? What are those?”. Now my head’s back in the scidept again. I thought I’d just write all the darkfic and get it out of my system, but I think it’s an endless supply, and given what I was reading about synaptic plasticity earlier I’m sliiiiightly worried I’ll just end up living there… But I do want to write this fic…

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