How did they design the world map?

I wonder about this every so often. Some of the landmasses look like they’re shaped like some kinda monsters. I wondered if they drew some monsterlike things and then turned them into a map. Not sure if the history is known and I’m just bad at searching, but haven’t found anything…

Also FF8’s map looks like it might be based on a transformation of FF7’s… makes me wonder if FF7’s could be based on a transformation of a previous FF map or maps…


Also lol, I tried to bring up copies of the ff7 and ff8 world maps, so I could mark where I thought things might have been transformed, so I image-searched “ff7 world map”, but got distracted by how bad my first few search results were:

WHY is it giving me a youtube preview picture of remake sephiroth
literally the first result

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The Northern Continent definitely looks lik a chocobo.


Right? There’s a suspiciously similar bit on FF8’s map. And Wutai, to me, looks like a pterodactyl.