How's the Site Speed?

If we’re going to add more RAM, we’d better do it soon. Not sure how much difference it would make to the site speed but it’s the only thing likely to make a difference. So: how’s the current speed working for you?

For admin it’s fine but we wonder what it will look like with more activity. Discourse docs are useless on this; they talk about ‘small’ and ‘large’ communities but don’t provide any numbers. We don’t really expect to have more than 50 members but we expect the post-count per person will be relatively high.

The current speed seems fine to me. Like you said, there are only a few people here though.

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Good to know! Some official guidance seems to imply that 50 members = a minimal community, so suppose we’ll leave it as-is for now. If this turns out to be a terrible decision then everyone can point and laugh in a year.

It’s working nice and fast for me.

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