Incorrect Lore

Just a thread for obviously incorrect lore (can be your own or things you’ve seen around) that you are perhaps going to pretend to believe with all your heart from now on.


‘Grimoire Valentine’ was supposed to be ‘Grimpire Valentine’, but they made a typo.


Tseng hates Rufus, wants to quit the Turks after Meteor, and is constantly mocked and belittled by Rufus who hates all the Turks.
This was a hot take for a short minute back on Tumblr and was all due to an incorrect reading of a bad translations of a side novel by Nojima by one bonkers tumblrina.

Current incorrect lore doing the rounds on twitter: Barret isn’t Marlene’s “real dad”.

Lol I can see why you’d hate that one though I quite like it sometimes. :smiling_imp: Curious about the translation shenanigans, since I missed them.

ah that barret thing sounds like one where they’ve set up an imaginary position just in order to contradict it self-righteously. may be cynic.

Yes, I was thinking you’d say that when I wrote it!!

It’s a perfectly fair headcanon to take, plenty of scope for exploration and play there; but her argument was that this was Nojima’s canon position.

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Vincent’s not just the father of Sephiroth, he’s the father of Cloud, Tifa and Aeris, too. This makes the Love Triangle Debate more tragic. President Shinra says, “way to go, son!”. Because Vincent is his son.

Also, one that I do actually see around: “Ifalna Gainsborough”.