Introductions Thread

Say hi and introduce yourself!


I’m purple! It’s like it knows me!

I’m also purgle. Maybe I’ll do a proper intro later.


I am Franz Brentano. I’m generally known for reintroducing the concept of Intentionality to the philosophy of psychology in the late 19th century. I also influenced many prominent philosophers in the school of phenomenology and psychology such as Edmund Husserl and Sigmund Freud.


Hello! I don’t believe you! But welcome! :slight_smile:

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Your skepticism is well founded, our sensory perceptions cannot lead us to any certain truths about the external world. Internal perception can be trusted completely though.

Bold claim for a dead guy.

Hoohoohoo! I changed my name from Urbanplanning because someone on dreamwidth had already taken it and I wanted to be able to put site updates somewhere offsite for whenever we have technical difficulties in the future. I would prefer that people not confuse me with a stranger! I may change the name again if this turns out to cause other problems!
edit: I just changed it to a shorter version because I was allocated the ugliest colour possible for my temporary avatar. This red is more acceptable.

Hi, I’m known as Licoriceallsorts in the world of FFVII fandom, though I wouldn’t say I was exactly well-known! I’ve been playing FFVII since 2009. I love pretty much all the Final Fantasies; FFVII of course remains my first love, but I’m also very fond of 12 and 15, and looking forward to 16. I like writing fanfiction, especially about the Turks, and especially about Tseng and Rufus.


Hello all! Not sure what to say here as an intro. I’ve mostly been a fandom lurker; I draw fanart occasionally, but don’t tend to post my work anywhere. Of the other Final Fantasies I’ve played, 6 and Tactics are probably my favorites.


o/ I feel weird not welcoming people in the intro thread even though we’re all already talking elsewhere! :’) I <3 MideelTourismBureau’s art and Licorice’s writing so things are going well hahahaha

(And lol licorice if you’re not well-known in this fandom, I have no idea who is!)