It's Valentine's day in 4 days!

A reminder for anyone else vaguely intending to make a relevant fanwork!

Still haven’t decided if I actually will; currently idealess.

Edit: Suppose this can also be a thread for romance prompts…

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Me: Let’s try a Hojo thing!

It ended up so far from the “romance” prompt I’m in awe of the scale of the failure. Suppose that was predictable, given Hojo. Oh well. Hoping to have something else to go up for the 14th instead. Otherwise I feel like everyone else is serving people at a restaurant like “a chocolate for Madame?”, “some candlelight for Monsieur?” and I’m just directing a rubbish truck to crash through the wall, catch fire and dump its binbags onto the guests. Clearly that has to be reserved for next week.

Anyway if anyone wants to take up the gauntlet and try writing a Hojo Valentine’s Day fic to show me how it’s done, please do. :stuck_out_tongue:


Alas, I am not a Valentine-day fic kind of writer.

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Apparently neither am I! xD Ah well, maybe next year.