Plans for the first weeks

  • We’ll try taking it down and restoring from backups, rather than putting that off and then discovering it doesn’t work when we have lots of stuff on the site. The site should backup automatically every week, but we’ll believe it when we see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Logos, prettiness, to make it look distinctive! We can design this place to be whatever we want. Just don’t upload the only copy of any assets here because of bulletpoint 1.

  • Finding out what all the admin settings do. Expect cat-robot explosions.

  • Reaching out to people who may be interested and would contribute positively. This will hopefully be a small but active and thoughtful community. Despite the name, Urban Planning has no wish to create a sprawling Midgar-style metropolis, but the rule of 100 lurkers to 10 users to 1 contributor will probably apply, so unless you’re talking to someone super chatty and motivated assume we’ll need more people than expected to keep things active. Though it’s really up to us! :smiley:


Tonight’s plan: check backups work and try to restore from backups! :smiley:

Also probably going to make a separate dreamwidth account for this account so we can tell people to go there if the site goes down and they want updates.

Restoring from backup in UI works. :) It will disable emails so an admin will need to manually re-enable them in settings.

Restoring from backup on commandline also works. :) Same again with the emails. Also after copying the backup file over and entering the app container, the backup file will not be listed in the directory , but it will still be available when you copypaste the filename in to the restore command. So… the docs work. :)

All backups etc seem to work. :) We are happy with the technical side, so no more outages are expected in the near future, except for updates. We are currently hashing out some site policies beyond Discourse’s boilerplate text, so that mods have a shared understanding of what’s permitted and have written guidance when needed.

Site’s been up just over a week and seems to be running smoothly! I’d be okay with inviting a few more people at this point, if you know them relatively well and they’re pleasant! Though I’d like to do a trial run with an account pretending to be a troll so we can check we can coordinate, so heads up that you may see something weird…

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I genuinely feel bad about flagging these troll posts. They are a work of art. XD

Edit: I suppose I’m also about to find out if there’s a penalty for mass-reporting all the posts of a single user.


If you get put in forum-jail, we’ll do our best to get you out!

(but I am simulating being asleep to see what happens if no admin intervenes, so had best disappear again! :smiley: )

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For the record, I would be more careful with flagging reason if it weren’t a known test, and there weren’t several dozen comments. :sweat_smile:

Edit: Aha, there is a limit!



Ah, I believe the caitbot saw some similar messages! :laughing:

Apparently, the posts should be automatically hidden once flagged by two users… But alas, for I continue to snooze! Of all the times! I am typing in my sleep, you see.


I think it needs to be flagged as spam to be auto hidden… Or auto hiding isn’t working…

It says “You flagged this as spam” under the posts I’ve flagged.

(And actually… am I supposed to be doing anything about this at all? I read all this as a test to see if the non-mod users would report the spam, but that may have been a mistake.)

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You were doing exactly the right thing! Yes, there’s an auto hide for posts if enough users flag them, plus it ensures they show up on the admin dash which is useful if the same user keeps being a pest.

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I’ll admit I was tempted to reply to the GNU/Linux copypasta by choosing “I want to talk to this person directly and personally about their post” and pasting in navy seal.

(Clarity edit: because I could see Heidegger responding to Reeve that way, not because I hate GNU/Linux, or because I’d respond to a real user like that.)

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If we got a spambot I wouldn’t personally mind if people responded to it with navy seal, though you might find yourself having an awkward time explaining it to anyone who didn’t recognise it. Which I would also find funny. Plus always free to write slightly gentler adjusted versions, I suppose.

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I mentioned the site to a couple of people who’d expressed interest when we were planning it, but I guess they just didn’t find Hot Palmer as entrancing as we all do. I’ve never had much energy to advertise things, plus I like being small, so I expect I’ll be slow about plugging it, but it is open to anyone you’d like to invite. Or I guess it’ll be an oddly elaborate groupchat for the four of us. xD