Preferred fic genres

To write? To read? What differences do you find?

This post is brought to you by “I keep meaning to go back to writing light comedy fic but every time I start, some part of my brain bursts in like a goth grimdark Clippy and goes ‘you look like you’re trying to write a light comedy fanfic. Would you like some help adding horror to every line?’”

(Or at LEAST dark humour)

I tend to write a lot of stuff in genres I’d be wary to read, which feels like being a bad sport. But then if someone says “so today’s fic is a satire that’s more of an angry political vent” it’s only rational to assume it’ll be terrible. I like attempting to write in genres I haven’t tried before, and experimenting.

Not really sure what I like to read, genre-wise; suspect that once I like a genre, it means I get fussier about it, so then end up liking the available fic in that genre less… That phenomenon feels like it should have a catchy pun name…