Remake pt2

Accidental comedy piece:

Well, my feelings on all things remake haven’t changed. But I found some of the discussion entertaining last time around.

Maybe new gacha game discussion should go in here too? I couldn’t bring myself to make a thread for it here; maybe forum should have a separate section for spinoffs in general.

@MideelTourismBureau This is the bit I was talking about! (may as well post it here :‘’'D)

“Take care of Aeris for me.”

Elena immediately throws a grenade at Aeris


(They could have so easily rescued it by having him be annoyed with Elena when she did that! :') But yeah, that said, I did like that they made Elena a fighty, murderous asshole, even if I think they made her OOC re: her (lack of) dedication to her job and her attitude to Rude. Still not intending to play it but I was expecting them to do much worse by her (I was picturing something like Crisis Core Aeris in a blonde wig).)