Software Update

Will be running an update shortly. Not expected to be disruptive, but warning all the same.

(Are these messages very spammy? Assume it’s better to warn than not, but perhaps it would be better to keep it to one thread that gets resurrected as needed… We could also just stick to a regular schedule with it, but since we’re so small at the moment it seems like it makes more sense to just run an update whenever there’s one available.)

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Starting now.

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Done! It was a little disruptive. Oops.

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It hasn’t felt spammy to me. One thread is probably fine, though? Unless there’s an unusual update coming, that will change a lot of functionality.

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Will use this one, then. Site will be down for about 5 minutes around 13:00 UTC tomorrow.

Site going down now. See you on the other side!

edit: Done!

Updating site software in a few minutes! Expect it to take things down for about 5mins, as usual.

Going down… now!

Done! Took more like 2 hours. This is why the canyon prefers astronomy to astrology.

Update due Thurs 12ish UTC.


Guess who forgot to run the update? :smile: Will be in about an hour; have washing up to do.
edit edit:
Bugenhagen? More like slowgenhagen!!! It’s happening nowish.


Another site update due 16/3/22 12ish UTC. Plan to rebuild some things, so it may take around an hour.

Running another update, 24/3/22, 20:00ish UTC. Expect this one to be quick, circa 5 mins.

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