Some downtime expected

Server restart expected in approx 8 hours. The site will be down, hopefully only for a little while! Will give a heads up closer to the time, but wanted to make sure everyone was aware. :slight_smile:

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Site maintenance happening now! is the place to check for updates if we’re down longer than expected.

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Goodness, technology has come a long way, hasn’t it?

No more site downtime expected today! However, we intend to do some other maintenance which may knock out emails for a bit if we mess it up.

Actually, we may see some other errors. Adjusting some DNS records. Will continue to update on that dreamwidth page if needed.

Up again! Now checking if email continues to work correctly…

Email seems to be working! Do let us know if you notice any issues with this. We will check again in a few hours, but that should be it for site maintenance today! Unpinning the topic.

All seems well! We should now be slightly more protected from incursions from the Gi tribe!

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