The Love Triangle Debate

So by now I know we’re all sick of it.

On the one hand, you’ve got the Elmyra-Tseng stans. “Oh but he probably helped her out with childcare when Aeris was little”, “Oh but he’s got a cool suit”, “He’s got mysterious vibes”, etc etc etc .

On the other hand, you’ve got the Elmyra-Barret stans. “He’s an adoptive dad, she’s an adoptive mom, they’re made for each other”, “He’s actually a hero and general badass”, “He’s got a tattoo of a FIERY SKULL”, and soforth.

Both groups insist their ship is canon. (I know Elmyreeve also has a small but dedicated following, but not getting into that here.)

Anyway I’m pre-empting any fandom drama by making a quarantine thread for this debate here. Tselmyra fans, please remember that Elmyrret fans have feelings, and vice versa. Writing smut or linking doujin for either pairing is allowed but please warn for explicit content and hide behind a cut like this:


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If the pairing doesn’t involve Elmyra, you’re on the wrong thread.


My Elmyra is a rarepair but plz treat it with respect. Rarepairshippers have feelings too u no.
Elmyra/Sector 7 Train Man
He stayed at his post during the platefall but miraculously survived, stayed in the slums to help form an “Underground Railway” for fellow survivors and then escaped with the other refugees to Kalm during Meteorfall, where he met Elmyra. He becomes Mayor of Kalm and has a large statue erected to him in the town square. The festival at the beginning of DoC is celebrating his election.


I heard they made some kind of remake where the player goes back in time to stop him winning the election so he can spend more time with his family.

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Heyyy waddup love triangle crew! Ok so I confess I’m a total Belmyra stan. I think the Tselmyra shippers just put them together because he’s there. Belmyra’s got this mutual respect but with a nice tension, not to mention a bit of sadness (there she is taking in Marlene so he’s free to rescue Aeris, and thennn…). Tselmyra’s got… fighting? Tseng acting superior? I dunno, Belmyra’s sooooo much more romantic to me.

Now, I know what the haters are gonna say. They’re gonna say that the Belmyra dynamic is way exploitative, as from the start she’s used by Barret for childcare, placed in a situation she can’t refuse. They’re gonna call Barret manipulative, while they say that Tseng is the true love because he never asks anything of her. EXCEPT TO KIDNAP HER KID. But they say Tseng’s love is pure, even if his history may not be.

To which I say, sector 7! Barret tried to save people who Tseng was chill with killing!

But they say that makes him a bad boy. I’m guessing you know allllll about the Tselmyra “Tseng in leather pants” subculture. But if not it’s where people draw him crowing over the plate drop, while wearing leather pants, and Elmyra swoons. It’s pretty sick. Elmyra wouldn’t like it at all.

Because she <3 Barret and anyone who says anything to the contrary is NOT FOLLOWING CANON.