Things you like about the remake

Alright, strange thread coming from me, but I think they got those clothing textures down. Am especially impressed by what they did with Aeris’ costume; her jacket!

I also really like Aeris’ voice actor, which is the first time I have ever liked any kind of voice acting for Aeris. She says things with a lot of humour.

Quite a lot actually

  1. Wall Market
  • Don Corneo - really well done
  • Additional characters - I liked them all
  • The Honeybee Inn - it’s still a whorehouse, but it now comes with a revue bar attached, and the funny thing is when I wrote my big Before Crisis fanfic I gave it a revue bar and mine wasn’t a million miles away from the official one!
    Johnny - I actually like him. I like his impulsiveness and his determination. He went alone into the Corneo Colosseum to try to save Tifa, and he isn’t an ex-SOLDIER or a magical Cetra, he’s just an ordinary guy. That was very brave of him. I hope they keep the Costa del Sol scene when Tifa and Johnny are sitting alone in a hotel room shooting the breeze and she asks Cloud to give her some time to catch up with her old friend, because he really acts like a friend in Wall Market.
  • the food courts around the slum train stations
  • the fact that the slums are beginning to experience gentrification; you bump into several NPCs who say the slums are the best place to live, the food culture is awesome, and trendy people are moving down to the ground etc…
  1. Marlene - she really is adorable, and a proper 4 year old

  2. Biggs is hot

  3. Reno boss fight is fun

  4. Sahagin prince

  5. The Shinra corporate museum

  6. Rufus Shinra’s face

  7. Vending machines. I just wish they sold some wacky stuff as well

  8. The whole of Chapter 1: first bombing mission

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