Unusual headcanons

Share any headcanons you have which are pretty out there!

My current one would have to be imagining Vincent’s teen years as comically mundane and middle class. I used to go down the ‘tragic orphan who had no choice but to join Administrative Research’ route, and I started out giving him a ‘normal’ backstory as a joke about that, but as time’s gone on it’s got more enjoyable for me to make almost every aspect of his existence painfully everyday.

I approve of this headcanon.
(Although I did read a marvellous fic in which Vincent did indeed have a very tragic family background).
Some backstories popular in fandom are so overthetop or so overdone that I deliberately rebel against them. Eg:
Reno was an orphan and a drug-addicted child prostitute. Uh, no thanks; my Reno was an unprincipled tearaway and troublemaker from a loving home. He’s severed all ties with them.
President Shinra was an physically abusive parent. I prefer to think of him as the kind of rich parent who ruins his child with too much protection and the wrong kind of frightened love; the kind who thinks his kid needs to “toughen up”.

I suppose I did technically make Vincent a tragic orphan in my last thing… But I didn’t have him adopted by Shinra and filtered into Administrative Research from there, which is what I used to default to, for some reason (maybe it’s just popular fanon that orphans go to administrative research and I picked it up by osmosis?)

WHY does everyone make him a child prostitute??? I’ve never understood the popularity of Reno-the-rent-boy headcanons but they really are everywhere. I don’t think I’d care if it were one fic but I don’t get how it’s become a default when it’s a pretty unusual backstory! I wondered if everyone was copying one book that came out at the right time (or possibly one fanfic, I think that was his backstory on bishink back in the day and I guess that was influential). When I read Tipping the Velvet I wondered if the trope came from there (well istr that’s an adult woman but it’s treated in a similar way to a lot of fic I’ve seen). Iunno.

Defo guilty of this hc in the past. :stuck_out_tongue:

I made the glowy bit in the waterfall cave bioluminescent moss because I hated the idea of it being crystal so much.

I do often wonder about why the floor is so smooth and round in there, though.

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Before Vincent had his current set of limit breaks, his limit was just called “Punch”. It would make him throw a punch.