Vinfic after meteorfall?

I was looking for OG fic set after meteorfall with Vincent and Lucrecia just hanging out at her cave. Well, wouldn’t even need to be after meteorfall, just after they’d met at the cave the first time, anyway. I thought there had to be stuff where they awkwardly caught up. Surely it’s a comedy/tragedy goldmine.

But I can’t find anything! Daresay some is because she’s gone when the party returns, and some of this is DoC’s fault with that crystal nonsense. But you wouldn’t think this would get in the way of a dedicated Vincrecia fan. If anything, this is the obvious starting point! And yet!

Plus everything I can find is just terrible.

Had anyone read a good one? Tbf if a fic has these guys in the tags along with some 30 other characters, I don’t read it because I assume they’ll get about 2 lines.

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I normally avoid fic starring Vincent unless it’s an author I like and trust. Have you tried the older fics on

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Tbf, only whatever came up when I searched on google. And what I found was baaaaaaaad. xD What’s annoying is that I specifically want that pair meeting up, and most of the more understated/conversational Vincent fic tends to be about him rescuing Sephiroth (or sleeping with him), or… it’s Yuffentine. :grimacing: Especially for ‘moving on’ fics. I’m interested in that moving on, and the contrast between pre-basement and post-basement, but definitely not through the medium of a relationship with Yuffie. In theory Lucrecia should be the best character for those sorts of fics since there’s that continuity with the past, but in practice, the fics with her tend to be Vincent Dreaming Sadly And Dramatically where she’s mostly there for aesthetic value. Even though for this I want something Vincent-focused for a change, I don’t want Lucrecia reduced to a placeholder/decoration.

But yeah I didn’t look deep into FFNet fics; I didn’t realise you could search by characters on there! Not sure if they added that feature since I last tried (which was probably 2010 or something) or if I’m just a dumbass, or both… Will see what I find…

In your heart you know you’ll have to write it yourself.

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discourse needs to support a cry emoji reaction because i’ve only been mentally transcribing iterations of that fic for 20 years