What animals do they have?

Dogs and cats, seagulls if I remember the ending right… Anything else? Is a Nibel Wolf just a wolf?

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They have to have either pigs or cows, because

  1. Palmer has either lard or butter in his tea
  2. Korean barbecue
    I assume they have chickens but maybe they have big chocobos and small chocobos?

(The Remake went even more off the rails with this, since they made several mentions of horses. In no conceivable rational world would people choose to ride giant birds if they could ride horses).

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Good lard point! And hah, I was also thinking about Korean bbq! Though I wasn’t sure if it necessitated meat; think it could just refer to the seasoning and I suppose if they can have Korean bbq without Korea, then all bets are off…

Same thought on chocobos and horses. I take the widespread use of chocobos as evidence that horses either don’t exist in that world, or have never been tamed, for reasons unknown…