Where are the bathrooms?

Something that causes me problems every time I try to follow canon exactly while describing a character’s house: almost none of the FF7 dwellings have loos. Do you ignore this? Give them an outhouse? I was following Shinra Manor’s floorplan EXACTLY for thousands of words, perservered through some trouble with a non-existent fireplace and an awkward layout for bedrooms… then realised there was no bathroom and gave up and stuck one in there. Aeris also doesn’t get one, but that makes more sense for a slum dwelling, at least.

It’s weirder because some locations do have them. If they were absent altogether, it would be easy to write off as a design quirk. I don’t have a definite headcanon for them; they exist or don’t depending on how I feel at the moment.

Given the loving detail with which unnecessary bathrooms are drawn in so many dwellings, I think we have to assume they are there but weren’t included for practical reasons. I agree their omission from the Shina Mansion is a bit odd. I can see the good people of Nibelheim using outhouses. Though maybe at Tifa’s house they have an indoor bathroom. Or they have a big tin tub for their weekly bath in front of the fire?

Ah, opportunity missed for Maladaptive Daydream.

There was no running water in Nibelheim. Vincent had discovered, to his horror, that the townsfolk washed by participating in something known as the Weekly Town Bath.

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