Thread for chatting about works in progress! I write a lot of weird fragments that don’t make it into fic, so may end up just dumping it all here…

I started a comedy fic about Palmer and even that turned into a darkfic; why am I like this? :sob: I think I’m gonna split it in two and use the dark half later; I really did want this one to just be silly…

I’ll look forward to that. Palmer is probably my favourite executive. I just replayed Rocket Town, where Rufus has sent him to steal the Tiny Bronco, and Palmer mutters to himself, “Why do I have to do this? I’m a Senior Executive,” which is something he probably surprises himself by remembering several times a day. If I were a coronary waiting to happen dressed in a too-tight yellow suit, I’d have some misgivings about fighting Cloud, Barret, and Vincent, but he just slaps his arse at them and giggles. And then he gets hit by a truck, which is still hilarious even though I’m expecting it.

In my HC he has a happy ending after Meteor. He reunites with the lost love of his youth, his favourite Honeybee Fifi, and together they set up a bakery in Icicle Inn.

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I’d never considered the zen of Palmer before!

I think the truck is something I forgot about between my early playthroughs and a more recent one, so I was surprised by it. :smile: Loved that part. His mannerisms are so bizarre; I’ve wondered if he’s based off a clown archetype that doesn’t fully translate, combining some kind of stock clown from a comedic/dramatic tradition I’m unfamiliar with, with a useless office fixture “guy employed far beyond his competence” type, because it’s probably influenced by the tropes that’d build up around a business structure that was popular in Japan at the time the game was made? I’m thinking about how you’d have people staying at a company for life and seniority based on age. So I’d guess it’s more popular to make that character into a dramatic buffoon. Otoh maybe he’s meant to be a NASA guy. Or both! Or neither!

Anyway I reckon the truck probably just sent him flying and he stayed wherever he landed and figured that was his life now.

Curious about that HC if you ever write on it! I don’t think I’ve read much Palmer-focused fic; I remember there was one years ago where it was implied he killed President Shinra in the Jenova incident in the shinra building… and that may be all? Hm.

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I was meant to do a big chunk of planning today. My wordcount stands at… 0 words! I have a fair bit of planning I did earlier, but rrrr.


Trying to write a thing that straddles the line between fanfic and original fic. So far it’s just making me sad because I can’t plonk a bunch of tiny elfadunks on the beach. Just have a jellyfish. :(

Edit: 2k words doooooown. It’s been like pulling teeth, but I’m getting a liiiiittle more into it. Not sure if there should be a separate “post your wordcount” thread, or if that’s spamtastic behaviour.