A question for Nanaki

Nanaki, I have questions. You wanted to be let onto a ferry. With you so far. But I simply must ask how you ended up deciding that the best plan was to disguise yourself as a human. Was this your plan? Was there some context that made it all make sense?

Nanaki, if you are reading this, please come by and help me understand!

Nanaki is a wise teenager, but he is still a teenager.


OMG I LOVE it!!! I wish I could hammer the heart button!


It’s perfect. :heart:


Oh hey we have gifs

Love You Heart GIF by GoStijn


Haha omg that is an extreme heart. Thank you! I like how it came out too!


:p It was surprisingly difficult to find a heart that didn’t feel creepy and intrusive, and didn’t flash wayyy too rapidly.

Yeah I love the angles you chose. It tells the silent story so well! His pose in that first panel! <3 Well, and the second. And all of them. xD but I keep coming back to the first.

I was wondering if it could be read in the wrong order, but then it works both ways and the reader gets a different comedy story with each, which I like.

But yeah, for me (especially as someone who has noooo visual imagination), it’s really impressive how you know exactly where to place the camera and characters to get interesting angles that tell the story clearly and are funny. I think even before the actual rendering, it’s a challenge to work out how to stage something like that 3rd panel “Show him attacking a guy and keep it light and keep it clear who’s who”. I guess the last bit is achieved by keeping him facing the camera in each panel and using the nose as a focal point of the face (if that’s the term)? Sry when I see things I like I’m like “MUST ANALYSE”. :P

Oh also I like his one elegant paw in that panel, going “nope”.

Edit: oh hah I just noticed tiny rufus!


I can’t take credit for the first panel! It’s a scene from the game that I pretty much redrew. The last one is sort of based on Nanaki’s position on the ferry in game as well, though I put Cloud in the foreground and chopped out a lot of the background details.

Analysis is great; I’ll think about it a bit and respond to the rest tomorrow. :)


I think you can take credit for it! The scene’s from the game but it’s your twist on it that makes Nanaki so endearing there, and the choice of what to emphasise and what to fade out.


I love it when Nanaki acts like the teenager he is!
“I can do that! It’s easy! Lemme just get some kit…”


I want to write a fic with him and Vincent being dorks.

Call it a time-travel fix-it. But what we’re fixing is that they never got to hang out together as teens.